Aloor dum Doi Bora/Dahi Vada

Aloor dum Doi Bora/Dahi Vada

While I always whine about the fact that I miss Bengali food a lot, there is also another side of the coin. I am lucky in a way that for pursuing higher education, I have stayed in different parts of India. While staying in the 

Chicken momo with chutney and chicken soup

Preparing momo in my kitchen is a tour down the memory lane. Momo reminds me of my childhood when me and my my sister use to help my mother preparing momos at home. It reminds me of how we use to experiment momos from different 

Street style Egg-roll

Egg-roll has been an iconic street food of West Bengal. It is easy to prepare and is the best snacks on the go. The flaky paratha, with abundance of salady veggies and most importantly with an egg cooked along with the paratha forms the best 

Street style vegetable chowmein/ Vegetable noodles

Hailing from Jalpaiguri, chowmein/noodles was an obligatory post on my blog. Contrary to Kolkata where telebhajas are more popular street food, North Bengal favors chowmein, momo and thukpa. Nevertheless, chowmein is also popular in other parts of West Bengal as well as India. This stir 

Jhiri jhiri aloo bhaja/Potato shoestring fries

Aloo in any form has always been a bong’s favorite. Aloo bhaja, aloo posto, aloor dum, aloo bhorta or mangser jhol r aloo (potato in meat curry). But this particular aloo bhaja finds a special place in bong’s cuisine. Daal, jhiri jhiri aloo bhaja, a 

Chicken Cutlet in Bengali style

Anyone who did not have chicken cutlet ever, might be wondering what is unique about these cutlets? What do you mean by “chicken cutlet in Bengali style”. These cutlets are particularly unique because of their diamond shape. Also, they are unique because these cutlets are 

Bengali Vegetable chop/Beetroot cutlet

Bengali’s adda(gossip session), doodh chaa(milk tea) and vegetable chop(beetroot cutlet) is what every Bengali must be able to associate with. Vegetable chop is a popular snack with muri(puffed rice) mostly sold as “chop muri” during winters. It is prepared with some simple winter vegetables like 

Fulkopir bora/ Cauliflower fritters

Fulkopir bora are the perfect appetizers or tea-time snacks.These pakoras are also an ideal combination with daal, bhaat and any veggie on the side. Winter evenings often meant dhonepatar bora, fulkopir bora, vegetable chop, moghlai porota or if we were lucky, chicken cutlet made by 

Gujarati Khaman Dhokla/ Indian savory cake

Khaman dhokla is a signature dish of Gujarat. It is basically a sweet and tangy a savory cake made from besan or chickpea flour. This is a snack that can be prepared in about 30 minutes. You can serve dhokla with mint or coriander chutney. 

Karela chips/ Bittergourd chips

Karela or bitter gourd is one of my favorite vegetables. However, my family members do not like bitter gourd at all. So, I tried this recipe and this was an absolute hit in the family. These karela chips are also perfect as appetizers when you