Malai Chingrir Polao

Malai Chingrir Polao

Chingrir malaikari, a quintessential bengali preparation made with large tiger prawns (bagda chingri) or giant freshwater prawns (golda chingri) in a creamy coconut-milk sauce. While we were child, special fried rice and polao used to be always our favourite. Therefore, my mother used to often 

Kolkata Style Chicken Biriyani

Wishing Happy Diwali to everyone!! For past few years Diwali menu in my home is almost fixed Biriyani, tehari, chciken chaap, mutton kosha etc. And this year is no exception. While every year the style of Biriyani keeps changing from Mutton Tehari, to Hyderabadi Biriyani 

Mocha Koftar Polao

I wake up with rattling of utensils. Oh, maa is cleaning the kitchen. It is saturday today and she has been following this ritual for years now.Our kitchen is cooked thoroughly each Saturday before she begins her cooking. Oh No! Aaj to Niramish I remember. 

Chaal Mocha

Mocha or banana blossom holds a special place in Bengali cuisine. I have come across very few bongs in my life who do not eat or love mocha. Owing to the effort needed to clean and cut them, they are often consumed on special occasions. 

Keema Matar Pulao

As gradually, the weekend arrives, I start planning our meals for the weekend. While our weekdays are always light and minimal, weekends are elaborate. Often it becomes as rich as starters, main course, and desserts. So as the weekend was approaching, I sat down to 

Sylheti Akhni Polao

What is chicken Polao and how is it different from chicken Biriyani? What is Akhni or Yakhni? Biryani is made using the draining method of cooking, which actually means the rice is first semi-cooked in water, drained, and then used to layer up. The remaining 

Lebu Pata Ghol Polao

In Bangladesh, no bhoj(feast) is complete without polaos. From morog polao, shutki machher polao, ilish polao, kima polao, machher kofta polao they have it all. They are known to prepare aromatic polaos with even curd/ yogurt as the only ingredient. Unbelievable isn’t it???? one of 

Dhakai Kachhi Biriyani

What does kachhi biriyani mean? “Kachhi” means uncooked or raw. What is raw in this biriyani and how is it different from other biriyanis? In Kachhi Biriyani uncooked meat and semi-cooked rice is assembled together in a pot and cooked on dum together. Hence, the 

Murgir Bhuna Khichuri|| Bangladeshi Murgir Khichuri

Khichuri has always been my man’s favorite dish. You ask him any day to choose between khichuri and biriyani, he would blindly choose khichuri over biriyani. During monsoon, even if the sky just turns dark, he demands for khichuri. Sunday always calls for meat in 

Chaal Bandhakopi

Cabbage cooked with perfumed rice, effusing aroma of spices and ghee and with occasional bite of raisins and peas-Chaal Bandhakopi, is a conventional Bengali preparation. This is a sattvik recipe and can be prepared during pujas or vegetarian days at home. Adding chaal or rice