Subho Rathyatra to everyone!!! Ratha Yatra is a festival of Odisha associated with Lord Jagannath held primarily at Shri Kshetra Puri Dham. It is the oldest Rath Yatra , whose descriptions can be found in Brahma Purana, Padma Purana, and Skanda Purana and Kapila Samhita. Rath Yatra or Jatra is the 

Atar Payesh|| Sitaphal Kheer

Rich in fiber, vitamins, and minerals, this tropical fruit helps improve immunity, reduce inflammation, and promote eye and heart health. Custard apple, also known as ata in Bengali and sitaphal in Hindi is loaded with antioxidants. Atar payesh is an age old preparation of Bengali 

Mug r Ladoo/Mung Daal Ladoo

It is Janmashtami tomorrow. Tomorrow as I will log on to my social media handles, my timeline will be full of my photographs of my friends who will dress up their kids as radha or Krishna in an attire as a mark to celebrate janmashtami. 

Kanthal Kheer/Jackfruit Kheer

Jackfruit o kanthal is a tropical fruit available in summers in some parts of India. In West Bengal, we get them in plenty during this time. While the raw jackfruit or enchor is cooked as a vegetable and considered as a substitute of meat, the 


Khaja is a delicious layered fried sweet, popular in the Odisha. It is often served as prasad at the Jagannath Temple of Puri. Khaja is also known as Pheni. Rathyatra is incomplete without khaja, jilipi (jalebi) and papad and not to forget lotka(langsat). No, I 

Chhanar Malpua/ Chhena Malpua

Malpuas are sweet pancakes mostly prepared during festivals like Id, Holi and Diwali. While malpuas can also be made from just wheat flour and milk or even water, mawa and chhena malpuas are rich and hence delicious. Preparation of chhena/chhana for malpua The chhena used 


With Holi approaching, yo must be planning to prepare some desserts at home. And if you are looking for something easy yet delicious, this recipe is just for you. Kanchagolla gets its name from the fact that a part of the chenna remains uncooked in 

Koraishutir Payes/Sweet Pea kheer

It was Shivaratri last week. I have always been keeping the fast of Shivaratri before my son was born. After, my son’s birth, keeping a fast, managing office and son, plus no one to help me out in household chores makes it difficult for me. 

Chosir Payesh|| Chushi Pithar Payesh

Winters are not always an epitome of monotony. Rather, it is that part of the year which also brings forth the seasonal bounties and in a bong household, winter signifies perfume of nolen gur and gobindobhog rice. And also, the festival of Makar Sankranti. Makar 

Mug Shyamoli/Mug Puli

Happy Makar Sankranti to all! Iss e bochhor pithe khaoa hobe na he said.This year has been tough. Unable to fly home, I could not bring nolen gur this year. He did not now that I had saved some from last year in my refrigerator.