Radhaballavi reminds me of my childhood days, when chance of having them was only an affair of “byapar bari”(ocassion in the house. This is how my husband calls it 😂). For my mother, who was a working woman, preparing radhaballavi at home was not possible. 

Narkeli chholar daal in Bengali style

Narkel die chholar daal is a quintessential Bengali preparation which is mostly served with phulko Luchi. Luchi and chholar daal is a heavenly combination for a bong. However, chholar daal can also served along with roti, porotta, roomali roti or even rice. One can have 

Phulko Luchi/ Luchi in Bengali style

Phulko luchi for a Bengali is love, emotion, celebration, beginning… the beginning of a day. This bread is prepared often in many Bengali households for breakfast, during Durga Pujo and Lakshmi Puja and on many other occasions or just like that without any occasion. Luchi 

Chirer Polao/ Beaten rice Pulao

Luchi and aloor torkari is one of the most popular breakfasts of West Bengal. But not to forget, luchi is deep fried in oil. So, if you want to opt for a healthier breakfast, this is the perfect choice. In chirer polao you can add 

Aloo Paratha/Potato stuffed bread

Aloo paratha…..Does it really need an introduction. However, this is a dish popular in India as well as Pakistan. In one of my recent searches I learnt that Afghanistan also has a similar dish called Bolani. Anyway, let’s begin with the preparation! Course: Breakfast                          Cuisine: