Muger beguni

Muger beguni

Begunis are a deliciously simple Bengali style fritter associated with monsoon season in the country. While begunis or eggplant dipped in chickpea flour batter or besan is the most popular way of making begunis, muger beguni is a special one. Thinly sliced eggplant coated in spiced mug 

Keema Moglai Porota

Moglai porota… was a part of many of our celebrations during our childhood. Bhalo result in school to guests at home , it was mostly moglai porota and chaa. While this is chicken keema moglai porota that I prepared, my father had once made moglai 

Fish Cutlet

In my hometown Jalpaiguri, fish cutlets are often available in roadside telebhaja outlets. To tell you honestly, momo and chowmein are much more popular in North Bengal, in comparison to telebhajas. But there are a few shops which are a signature of such telebhajas. One 

Fish Finger

Fish fingers on a rainy winter evening, with a cup of steaming tea, sounds perfect, isn’t it? The weather prediction here says that it is going to rain heavily for the entire week. As I saw the weather report, there was no counter thought on 

Paat Patar Bora

Tender Jute leaves (Paat Shaak) are available in monsoons in West Bengal. It is the same fiber that is used to weave hessian, gunny sacs or burlap. Jute plant is native to Bengal and has been cultivated here for many many years. The first jute mill was established 

Pur bhora Kumro Phooler Bora

Few years back while I was delivering my child, my mother had traveled all the way from India to help me take care of my newborn. She was here with me for about two and half months. At that time, she had planted a few 

Kumro Phooler Bora/Pumpkin Blossom fritters

Happiness is when you are rewarded for your toil. Don’t you agree? Therefore, I was happy when I found my kitchen garden turning yellow today morning. Additionally, I was happy since these creepers were planted by my son and watered by him but of course 

Chhana Koraishutir cutlet

Wishing all the lovely women a Happy Women’s Day. This day, I thought of treating myself with something special. Hence, decided to prepare these lovely cutlets. Well… my husband and my son did get a share. But, I prepared them because I wanted to have 

Dimer Devil/ Bengali style egg cutlet

Egg Devil aka Bengali Dimer Devil is a popular street food of Kolkata. Preferably hanser dim/Duck egg wrapped in a layer of meat rolled in bread crumb and deep fried along with a cup of steaming tea and some kashundi and ketchup on the side 

Mackerel Batter Fry

Mackerel is a sea fish which oozes out lots of oil. It is a good source of omega 3 fatty acids. While I was pursuing my higher studies in Pune, I remember these fishes to be called Bangda in Marathi and the popular preparation of