Malai Chingrir Polao

Malai Chingrir Polao

Chingrir malaikari, a quintessential bengali preparation made with large tiger prawns (bagda chingri) or giant freshwater prawns (golda chingri) in a creamy coconut-milk sauce. While we were child, special fried rice and polao used to be always our favourite. Therefore, my mother used to often 

Pepe r Dolma (Amish)

As I have written many times earlier, dolmas are my favourite. The art of cooking the filled vegetable to perfection gives me a sense of achievement as a chef. So much so that I give away the minimum leisure time I get during the weekends 

Bangladeshi Haleem

Haleem is a savory porridge made with meat, wheat and lentils. A traditional favorite in India, Bangladesh, Pakistan and middle-eastern countries, this one pot meal is amazingly appetizing and wholesome. Traditionally it is often slow cooked in huge pots overnight and is a staple food in 

Gota Murgir Roast/ Whole chicken Roast

Whole chicken is often cooked as murg musallam. But of course that needs a lot of preparation and of course many people to finish the dish off. We are a family of 3 people, 21/2 I would rather say (myself, my husband and my 4 

Sheem r Bhorta

Bhorta or Bharta comprises of combination of various mashed vegetables, proteins (eg. lentil, fish, meat) along with herbs, and lots of chilies. While the most common bhartas are aloor bharta, begun bharta, beet bata/bhorta, dhonepata bata/bhorta, lau r khosha bata, other non-vegetarian versions on my 

Mutton Glassy

Mutton Glassy is traditional Old Dhaka (Puran Dhakaiya) Meat curry. This mutton dish is rich and the thick layer of oil on the dish which looks like glass, gives the dish it’s name. A melange of spices, cashewnut paste, milk solids and milk, the dish 

Fish Cutlet

In my hometown Jalpaiguri, fish cutlets are often available in roadside telebhaja outlets. To tell you honestly, momo and chowmein are much more popular in North Bengal, in comparison to telebhajas. But there are a few shops which are a signature of such telebhajas. One 

Anaros Morog/ Chicken curry with Pineapple

Morog/ chicken cooked with semi ripe sweet and sour pineapple- an East Bengal preparation.  It is a Sylheti speciality. Sylhet uses a lot of pineapple and citruses in it’s food, and in most creative ways owing to its topography. Of some of these citrus dishes, 

Fish Finger

Fish fingers on a rainy winter evening, with a cup of steaming tea, sounds perfect, isn’t it? The weather prediction here says that it is going to rain heavily for the entire week. As I saw the weather report, there was no counter thought on 

Kolkata Style Chicken Biriyani

Wishing Happy Diwali to everyone!! For past few years Diwali menu in my home is almost fixed Biriyani, tehari, chciken chaap, mutton kosha etc. And this year is no exception. While every year the style of Biriyani keeps changing from Mutton Tehari, to Hyderabadi Biriyani