Mulor Paturi

Mulor Paturi

The word Paturi literally means wrapped in leaves. Traditionally kolapata or banana leaves are used to prepare paturis. They not only serve as a wrap to parcel the fish but also imparts their flavor to the dish. Soft under matured banana leaves are perfect to use for paturi as 

Sojne Patar Chochori

Moringa leaves/sojne pata/ drumstick leaves, loaded with vitamins (A, B1, B2, B3, and C) and minerals(Magnesium, Iron Calcium, Phosphorus, and Zinc) are nutritionally very rich, leaving behind carrots, oranges, and even milk. Their antioxidant properties are known to boost the immune system. The leaves find 

Sojne dantar Chochori

The prosperous culinary heritage of India has helped us to relish and taste several types of vegetables and fruits thereby derive out umpteen health benefits from them. One such amazing vegetable that is greatly valued and earns our interest is drumstick or sojne data. This 

Uchher Dolma(Amish)

Dolmas have always been my favorite. Not only because they are extravagant and rich in taste. But the artwork of precisely scooping the wrap, preparing the stuffing, meticulously filling them, and then cooking the dolma to perfection gratifies my heart, gives me a sense of 

Mocha Dhokar Dalna

Dhokar Dalna is a classic no onion no garlic preparation of Bengali cuisine. Chholar Daal/Chana daal is made into cakes, fried and cooked in a gingery gravy to prepare this dalna. This is how basic dhokar dalna is prepared. My thakuma used to often add 

Machher Tel r Chochori

Machher Tel/ Fish fat is often hard to get. That is because, we consume fish fat only from bigger freshwater fishes like rohu or katla. And often when we are lucky enough to get some, we end up making machher teler bora. I am sure, 

Machher chop/ Fish croquette

It is three years now since we have been able to fly to India and more than I guess five to six years since I have touched my mother’s feet on poila boisakh. In this era of smart phones, subho noboborsher priti o subhechha is 

Begun Basanti

Begun Basanti literally means “eggplant yellow”, a color synonymous to the beautiful season of spring. And when the golden fried crisp eggplants present themselves thoroughly dunk in rich and deep gorgeous yellow mustard sauce, it completely complies with its name. Begun Basanti is a classic 

Bakarkhani/Puran Dhaka style Bakarkhani

Bakarkhani is a popular thick flatbread from Mughlai cuisine. However, there are many variations to it. While the Dhaka style Bakarkhani is a crispy biscuit like preparation, Sylheti Bakarkhani is like a paratha and is enjoyed by many with hot and spicy chicken and mutton 

Motorshutir Daal/ Koraishutir Daal

My days have been crazily busy for the past five to six weeks. Due to the ongoing lockdown and post lockdown schedule in Israel, office work has moved to the weekends. As I hastily enter the kitchen to prepare our day’s meal, my 3 yrs