Kancha Aamer Misti Anchar/ Raw mango sweet chutney

Kancha Aamer Misti Anchar/ Raw mango sweet chutney

As we head towards almost the end of the season of “kancha aam”(raw mangoes), making anchar or sweet relish was something which was mandatorily done by my mother every year. Tart raw mangoes, cooked in jaggery, aromatized with Paanch phoron, a dollop of aamer anchar 

Batabi Lebu/Jambura Makha||Pomelo Salad

Batabi lebu/Jambura/Pomelo is a fruit which becomes available in the market immediately after monsoon. It is rich in Vitamin C, an excellent source of antioxidants. My mother used to often buy a lot of them and we used to end up finishing them as jambura 

Lau r khosa bata/ Bottle gourd peel chutney

Satlano followed by sukono, batas, bhortas and makhas have been my favorite comfort food as well as the favorite cooking skill out of all that I have adapted. Not only are they ridiculously simple, but these double cooked preparations are something with which I can 

Chingri maach die mulor tok/ambol

Tok or ambol is utterly a ghonti delicacy. Everytime I use to visit my mamabari in Midnapore, I was served with different toks, in which the speciality was the protein. For eg. chuno machher tok, machher dimer tok etc. Yes, my mother is absolutely ghonti 

Beet bata/Sweet and hot beetroot Relish

Beetroot has many health benefits. During this time of “lockdown”, I open my refrigerator when a couple of beetroot smiles at me. And that’s it. I understood soon we will have to visit the supermarket to refill our stocks. At this time, when we are 

Dhonepata bata/ Pickled coriander leaves

Dhonepata bata is a relish that my mother prepares often during winters when we get good produce of dhonepata/ coriander/ cilantro. So this recipe is from my mother’s kitchen. I am sure you will like it. You can increase the heat and tanginess according to 

Tomato amsotto khejurer chutney/ Tomato mango leather and date jam

No biyebari(marriage feast), pujor bhog is complete without sweet and tangy tomato chutney. This chutney contains simple ingredients and is super easy and quick to prepare. When preparing a meal, comprising chutney on the menu, remember to prepare it in the beginning because chutney is 

Plastic chutney/ Raw papaya sweet chutney

Plastic chutney….na na plastic die toiri chutney noy 😂😂😂. It is a sweet chutney prepared from thinly sliced raw papaya. This chutney is not very popular in restaurants but is popular in “onusthan bari” like Bengali weddings and “pujor bari”. The nomenclature of the chutney 

Mango chutney/ Sweet chutney from raw mangoes

Mango chutney, a preparation with raw mangoes. It is prepared in many Bengali households during the season of early summer when raw mangoes are available . It is easy and fast to prepare and awesomely delicious!!! It serves as wonderful dessert. Course: Dessert Cuisine: Bengali