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Bangladeshi Daal Puri

Bangladeshi Daal Puri

Dalpuri, once treasured by bongs has become a little rare these days in Bengali kitchens. Dalpuri or Dal Puri has its roots in the cuisine of undivided Bengal during British Raj when Bihar, Bengal and Bangladesh formed a single State . While Bihari Daal puri 

Chingri maach die mulor tok/ambol

Tok or ambol is utterly a ghonti delicacy. Everytime I use to visit my mamabari in Midnapore, I was served with different toks, in which the speciality was the protein. For eg. chuno machher tok, machher dimer tok etc. Yes, my mother is absolutely ghonti 

Beet bata/Sweet and hot beetroot Relish

Beetroot has many health benefits. During this time of “lockdown”, I open my refrigerator when a couple of beetroot smiles at me. And that’s it. I understood soon we will have to visit the supermarket to refill our stocks. At this time, when we are 

Aloo fulkopir dalna

Aloo fulkopir dalna is one of the fundamental yet classic dish of Bengali cuisine. It is a no onion no garlic dish which is often cooked in Bengali households. It is often cooked at my home on Saturdays. Why Saturdays???? Like many Bengali homes, till 


Radhaballavi reminds me of my childhood days, when chance of having them was only an affair of “byapar bari”(ocassion in the house. This is how my husband calls it 😂). For my mother, who was a working woman, preparing radhaballavi at home was not possible. 

Biulir daal/ Kolai r daal/ Uraad daal

Biulir daal aka Kolai r daal with ada mouribata( ginger and fennel paste) is a quintessential Bengali dish. It goes best with aloo posto or any posto dish. But unfortunately, during this time of lockdown, when I am running out of posto, I have served 

Street style vegetable chowmein/ Vegetable noodles

Hailing from Jalpaiguri, chowmein/noodles was an obligatory post on my blog. Contrary to Kolkata where telebhajas are more popular street food, North Bengal favors chowmein, momo and thukpa. Nevertheless, chowmein is also popular in other parts of West Bengal as well as India. This stir 

Koraisutir dhokar dalna

“গান যেমন একাকী গায়কের নয়, রান্নাও তেমনই নয় শুধু সূপকারের । রান্না তখনই সার্থক যখন তা অন্যের রসনায় তোলে পরি্তৃপ্তির কল্লোল ।” Aptly put by Purnima thakur and this recipe from the book “Thakurbarir Ranna” rounds up her idea. Dhokar dalna is a classic Bengali 

Chicken Rezala

Bong’s craving for Mughlai food has not been a secret. Be it Biriyani, chaap or desserts like sheer khurma or phirni. Chicken Rezala is one of them. The nutty sauce with flavors of kewra and mitha attar creates an impeccable ambience of Mughlai cuisine on 

Chingri maach die palong saak/ Spinach with shrimps

Whenever I asked my mom achha maa maach die palong shaak ranna kora jai na? (Can we add fish to spinach) She use to reply me Na na palong shak r niraamish ranna i bhalo lage (spinach tastes best when cooked as vegetarian dish) till