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Keema Moglai Porota

Keema Moglai Porota

Moglai porota… was a part of many of our celebrations during our childhood. Bhalo result in school to guests at home , it was mostly moglai porota and chaa. While this is chicken keema moglai porota that I prepared, my father had once made moglai 

Dimer Devil/ Bengali style egg cutlet

Egg Devil aka Bengali Dimer Devil is a popular street food of Kolkata. Preferably hanser dim/Duck egg wrapped in a layer of meat rolled in bread crumb and deep fried along with a cup of steaming tea and some kashundi and ketchup on the side 

Mackerel Batter Fry

Mackerel is a sea fish which oozes out lots of oil. It is a good source of omega 3 fatty acids. While I was pursuing my higher studies in Pune, I remember these fishes to be called Bangda in Marathi and the popular preparation of 

Chicken Bharta in Bengali Style

Chicken Bharta aka bhorta, is a Dhaba style dish in which the chicken slices are cooked in a rich and creamy sauce of egg yolks, cashew nuts and flavorful spices. This is absolutely not a dish of Bengali origin but Kolkata has added its essence 

Chicken Cutlet in Bengali style

Anyone who did not have chicken cutlet ever, might be wondering what is unique about these cutlets? What do you mean by “chicken cutlet in Bengali style”. These cutlets are particularly unique because of their diamond shape. Also, they are unique because these cutlets are 

Bengali Vegetable chop/Beetroot cutlet

Bengali’s adda(gossip session), doodh chaa(milk tea) and vegetable chop(beetroot cutlet) is what every Bengali must be able to associate with. Vegetable chop is a popular snack with muri(puffed rice) mostly sold as “chop muri” during winters. It is prepared with some simple winter vegetables like 

Beguni/ Eggplant fritter

Beguni/ eggplant fritter………perfect on a rainy day. It is mostly enjoyed with khichdi/khichuri or over a cup of tea. Prepare them just before eating else they absorb moisture and loses it’s crispiness. They are absolutely easy to prepare and extremely tasty. yum!!!!! Course: Starter /snacks                                 Cuisine: