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Mutton Glassy

Mutton Glassy

Mutton Glassy is traditional Old Dhaka (Puran Dhakaiya) Meat curry. This mutton dish is rich and the thick layer of oil on the dish which looks like glass, gives the dish it’s name. A melange of spices, cashewnut paste, milk solids and milk, the dish 

Anaros Morog/ Chicken curry with Pineapple

Morog/ chicken cooked with semi ripe sweet and sour pineapple- an East Bengal preparation.  It is a Sylheti speciality. Sylhet uses a lot of pineapple and citruses in it’s food, and in most creative ways owing to its topography. Of some of these citrus dishes, 

Sylheti Akhni Polao

What is chicken Polao and how is it different from chicken Biriyani? What is Akhni or Yakhni? Biryani is made using the draining method of cooking, which actually means the rice is first semi-cooked in water, drained, and then used to layer up. The remaining 

Dhakai Kachhi Biriyani

What does kachhi biriyani mean? “Kachhi” means uncooked or raw. What is raw in this biriyani and how is it different from other biriyanis? In Kachhi Biriyani uncooked meat and semi-cooked rice is assembled together in a pot and cooked on dum together. Hence, the 

Bakarkhani/Puran Dhaka style Bakarkhani

Bakarkhani is a popular thick flatbread from Mughlai cuisine. However, there are many variations to it. While the Dhaka style Bakarkhani is a crispy biscuit like preparation, Sylheti Bakarkhani is like a paratha and is enjoyed by many with hot and spicy chicken and mutton 

Murgir Bhuna Khichuri|| Bangladeshi Murgir Khichuri

Khichuri has always been my man’s favorite dish. You ask him any day to choose between khichuri and biriyani, he would blindly choose khichuri over biriyani. During monsoon, even if the sky just turns dark, he demands for khichuri. Sunday always calls for meat in 

Mutton Tehari/Tehri in Dhaka Style

Ever since my son was born, our timetable has become quite compact. In our busy lifestyle, all our meals for the next day are always planned the previous night. It was Saturday. We sit down after our dinner on our couch and as we plan 

Goalundo chicken curry

নদীর কুল নাই, নাই রে , কোন কুলে যাব কাহারে শুধাই রে…………। – জসীমউদ্দীন Goalundo Ghat or Goalundo, a town in Bangladesh is situated near the confluence of the Padma and Yamuna rivers. My grandfather was a migrant from Rajsahi (now in Bangladesh). Tales of Rajsahi, Padma, people