Chalkumror Pur/Stuffed Ash gourd Fritter

Chalkumror Pur/Stuffed Ash gourd Fritter

ChalKumro/Ashgourd gets its name from the fact that it is grown on chal (roof of the house). This is yet another classic preparation from my grandmother’s kitchen. The stuffing of mustard paste gives a perfect zing to this chalkumro pur. Chalkumror Pur is often served 

Pur bhora kumroni

Bangali has always been cliched with “maach bhat”(fish rice). But, beyond maach bhaat, there are such wonderful “ma thakumar niramish ranna” which are classics of Bengali cuisine. Shukto, dhokar dalna, aloo posto, chhanar dalna, chochoris, batas are to name a few. Then off-course there is 

Cream of chicken soup

I am sure many of you must have ordered “cream of chicken soup” in a restaurant. The silkiness of the soup, with flavors of thyme and chicken in it makes it, a scrumptious appetizer, especially for such winter evenings. A dish sure to produce a 

Jhiri jhiri aloo bhaja/Potato shoestring fries

Aloo in any form has always been a bong’s favorite. Aloo bhaja, aloo posto, aloor dum, aloo bhorta or mangser jhol r aloo (potato in meat curry). But this particular aloo bhaja finds a special place in bong’s cuisine. Daal, jhiri jhiri aloo bhaja, a 

Chicken Cutlet in Bengali style

Anyone who did not have chicken cutlet ever, might be wondering what is unique about these cutlets? What do you mean by “chicken cutlet in Bengali style”. These cutlets are particularly unique because of their diamond shape. Also, they are unique because these cutlets are 

Fulkopir bora/ Cauliflower fritters

Fulkopir bora are the perfect appetizers or tea-time snacks.These pakoras are also an ideal combination with daal, bhaat and any veggie on the side. Winter evenings often meant dhonepatar bora, fulkopir bora, vegetable chop, moghlai porota or if we were lucky, chicken cutlet made by 

Karela chips/ Bittergourd chips

Karela or bitter gourd is one of my favorite vegetables. However, my family members do not like bitter gourd at all. So, I tried this recipe and this was an absolute hit in the family. These karela chips are also perfect as appetizers when you 

Egg bhurjee/ Dimer bhujiya

Egg bhurjee is a dish which is mostly sold in dhabas. It serves as a perfect side dish. You can also prepare this dish for your lunch box with chapati or paratha. Course: Side dish Cuisine: Indian Preparation time: 5 mins Cook time: 15 mins 

No fry chili chicken

Chili chicken is a popular Indo-chinese preparation. In this dish mostly the chicken is deep-fried in a batter of cornflour and egg. But in this era when everyone is so health conscious, I thought of preparing chili chicken in which the chicken is not deep 

Beguni/ Eggplant fritter

Beguni/ eggplant fritter………perfect on a rainy day. It is mostly enjoyed with khichdi/khichuri or over a cup of tea. Prepare them just before eating else they absorb moisture and loses it’s crispiness. They are absolutely easy to prepare and extremely tasty. yum!!!!! Course: Starter /snacks                                 Cuisine: