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Hi everyone! I am Dr. Tanaya Bose, an organic chemist turned structural biologist. Currently, I am a post-doctoral researcher.

Research itself is quite a stressful business with lots of failures. With time, I realized that I find solace in cooking.

As I began my culinary journey, I understood that these recipes of the dishes I prepare, the traditional ones as well as the ones which are results of my experiment, needs to be documented, else it will be difficult for me to “reproduce” them. (Remembering my experimental days when we had to “reproduce” all our chemistry experiments). When I had enough of recipes collected, I decided to begin publishing them.

Most of my recipes are from my mother’s kitchen. My sister who is a foodie, provides me with suggestions from time to time. She being an ardent photographer, taught me the basics of food photography. Most of my photographs, finds a space on my blog only after her approval. Some of my recipes are traditional recipes while few of them are results of experiments. The ones which come out well are presented here while the ones in which I fail, poor my son and my husband become guinea pigs to these experiments.

What? Are you wondering, if I am a good food blogger since I fail? Believe me! all experiments do not and cannot be successful. Hope this inspires you to try as many as new recipes possible.

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