Kumro Phooler Bora/Pumpkin Blossom fritters

Happiness is when you are rewarded for your toil. Don’t you agree? Therefore, I was happy when I found my kitchen garden turning yellow today morning. Additionally, I was happy since these creepers were planted by my son and watered by him but of course under my supervision. It was satisfying to watch him nurturing them, carefully monitoring their growth, and at times pulling out the weeds.

And when you get these beauties, what should I do? Stupid question isn’t it? of course, make “kumro phooler bora” (pumpkin flower fritters) and write about them on the blog. :D. Therefore here I go.

It is only recently, that I learned that there is a similar preparation in Italian cuisine, either with pumpkin or zucchini flowers. This time since I had good produce of kumro phool in my garden, I was able to distribute some to Andre, my Italian colleague, and some to Debakshi, a dearest friend of mine. Hopefully, they will also enjoy them.

Making them is very easy and does not involve a lot of hard work. You need to clean the flowers from any dirt or tiny insects in them. They should be prepared fresh. If the flowers are left for a long time in the refrigerator, they begin wilting and it will be difficult to fry them. You can store them in a refrigerator for maximum one day.

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