Classic Bengali Rosogolla/ Rasgulla

Rasgulla or Bengali Rosogolla is a popular dessert of India. It can be prepared with very few ingredients at your kitchen counter. It is very easy to prepare and all you need is to remember a few tips and tricks. I know many of you might have landed up with hard, chewy, or flat rasgullas. So did I in my first attempt. So, on this page, I bring you all the details and tips to make the perfect rasgulla. Try this and I am sure, you will be proud of yourselves.

An important ingredient for preparing these rasgullas is perfectly made chenna.

Few Important points to remember before you plunge in to prepare rasgullas

  1. While you prepare the chenna, it should not be on heat for a long time. Overcooking the chenna makes them hard. (Click the link above to find a recipe of homemade chenna)
  2. In other parts of the world i.e. Not in India where you do not get full-fat milk, you can add a teaspoon of butter to increase the fat content.
  3. If you are preparing a higher batch of rasgullas i.e. from 4-5 liters of milk and you have a lot of chenna to work on, you can use a hand blender to knead the chenna. But be careful, if you over-knead the chenna you will spoil the texture of rasgulla.
  4. While making the rasgullas, if your syrup reduces, do not hesitate to add 1/4 cup of water every time. The syrup should not turn thick. (This is especially when you prepare the rasgullas in batches using the same syrup)

Classic Bengali Rosogolla

A full proof procedure to prepare Bengali's favourite dessert-Rosogolla!!
Course Dessert
Cuisine Bengali
Keyword bengalidessert, chennadessert, rasgulla, rosogolla
Prep Time 15 minutes
Cook Time 20 minutes
Total Time 35 minutes
Servings 8 pieces


  • 200g of Chenna (from 1 litre milk)
  • 1/2 tablespoon of all-purpose flour
  • Sugar 1 cup
  • Cardamom 3-4 pods (optional)


  • Take the chenna on a plate. The texture of the chenna should be crumbly. To it add the flour.
  • Knead it well with your palms till you find oil in your palms (10-15mins) (See note)
  • Now make lemon sized balls and see to it that there are minimum or no cracks.
  • Take a wide pot. This is to make the syrup. Make sugar syrup by dissolving sugar in water. As soon as the syrup starts boiling drop the rasgullas/ cheese balls in the syrup. Cook them in sugar syrup for 10 mins on mid high flame in a covered thick bottomed pan and then on a low flame for another 10 minutes. After 10 mins lower the flame and boil it for 15 more mins.
  • To check if the rasgullas are cooked, drop one in a cup of water. If it sinks, it is done. If it floats, boil for a couple of minutes and check again.
  • After done add one cup of cold water to stop the cooking otherwise the rasgullas become chewy and hard or remove it in another container.
  • Serve warm or keep in refrigerator for couple of hours if you like it chilled.


  1. If whey remains while preparing the chenna the rasgullas formed are flat.
  2. If a lot of whey remains while preparing the rasgullas, they will break while put in hot syrup.
  3. Kneading of the chenna properly is very important. If not done properly results in harder rasgullas. 
  4. The sugar syrup must not be thick. If it becomes thick on boiling, add water. If the syrup is thick, the rasgullas will become hard.
  5. Overcooking of the rasgullas also results in hard rasgullas.

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